Mike Mackiewicz, President

Mike is an original founder of Centerline Solutions. A veteran wireless engineer with more than two decades in the industry, he possesses a deep understanding of wireless technology. At Centerline, he leads the construction and professional services teams, ensuring the company’s various divisions operate seamlessly and efficiently. As a valuable problem-solver and leader within the company, Mike is deeply involved in business development and sales efforts as well.

Prior to Centerline, Mike was founder, co-owner and president of ATECS, a Colorado-based provider of wireless engineering and business consulting services to the telecommunications and data networking industries. Here he served as one of the company’s go-to engineering gurus and tackled overall business strategy. Mike was with ATECS from its launch in 2000 until 2011, when ATECS evolved into what is now Centerline Solutions.

Mike’s experience in the wireless industry includes time at Qwest Wireless as Director of Wireless Planning & Technology Development, as well as time at AT&T where he served as the Regional RF Supervisor, designing mobile networks to service one of the top 20 largest U.S. cities

Mike holds an M.S. in telecommunications from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and a B.S. in electrical engineering technology from Purdue University.

 In his spare time, Mike enjoys the great outdoors through activities like running, mountain biking, shooting and fishing. Married with two children, Mike is a car aficionado who owns an auto repair shop. And to relax, he likes to perform upgrades, repairs and maintenance his classic cars.