In-building Wireless Solutions

Centerline Solutions helps you address your most pressing wireless networking concerns by leveraging over 15 years of experience with in-building solutions including distributed antenna systems (DAS), small cells, and Wireless LAN (WLAN).

We assist clients across the U.S. in designing and building the most reliable mobile networks that boost worker efficiency, increase employee and end-user satisfaction, and give network operators unparalleled control and insight.


Did You Know?

  • 80% of mobile phone usage occurs indoors
  • Only 2% of indoor commercial real estate is currently covered by in-building mobile wireless systems
  • 61% of offices in the US have poor indoor wireless coverage

Building Employee Efficiency & Guest Satisfaction

Organizations of all kinds face challenges that can be addressed with well-designed and well-implemented in-building wireless solutions.

Wireless Carriers

  • Challenge:  Reducing churn; data-hungry mobile applications stress LTE network
  • Applications:  IBW voice and/or data network; carrier offload to Wi-Fi

Sports Venue & Hospitality

  • Challenge:  Enhance fan/guest experience
  • Applications: Mobile access to email, web & social applications; guest Internet over Wi-Fi; guest experience and analytics; nomadic/mobile point-of-sale

Property Managers & Developers

  • Challenge:  Capture and retain tenants; enhance guest experience; compliance with public safety regulations 
  • Applications: Mobile access to email, web & cloud-based applications; guest Internet over Wi-Fi; public safety


  • Challenge:  Attract and retain students; enhance learning; expected Wi-Fi for guests
  • Applications: 1:1 initiatives for K-12; mobile access to email, web & social applications; guest Internet over WiFi; public safety


  • Challenge:  Differentiate your design firm; enhance design project value
  • Applications:  Mobile access to email, web & cloud-based applications; guest Internet over Wi-Fi; public safety

Common Concerns


Data-thirsty applications like video, cloud-based software, and gaming are continuing to increase network capacity requirements as the public spends increasing amounts of time connected to their mobile devices. In addition, user-dense locations such as municipal conference centers, sporting event venues, and shopping centers demand wireless networks capable of satisfying large, localized user groups simultaneously.


It is crucial to recognize that mobile network users nowadays don’t just expect coverage outdoors; they expect it everywhere. Today, indoor mobile Internet and application access is no longer a nice-to-have. Employees, students, guests, and partners visiting your facility depend on wireless communications to get their work done and stay connected. These end-users truly see in-building coverage as a must.

Modern  building construction methods and materials have made great strides in energy savings. But these same eco-efficiency initiatives (e.g. LEED) are often terrible for indoor mobile coverage reliant on outdoor macrocell-based networks. Therefore, the only way to ensure seamless coverage for your end users is to employ a wireless network with coverage you can control.


The only thing worse than having no in-building wireless network is an intermittent wireless network that frustrates end users with unreliable service. Optimal design and deployment considers all aspects of your wireless needs:

  • Coverage area & facility construction
  • User types & density
  • Traffic patterns
  • Project budget
  • Future expansion

This comprehensive view of your operational needs ensures that you are equipped properly to provide dependable in-building service for your end users today and for years to come.  


Most fire protection jurisdictions now mandate in-building public safety wireless systems in sizable building structures for emergency preparedness purposes. Two-way voice communications for fire, police, and medical personnel is essential for a fast, accurate and coordinated response to any emergency situation.


Technology Options

So, which is best?

As with almost everything in life, the answer is “It depends." The good news is that the seasoned wireless experts at Centerline Solutions can help you make the right call. By analyzing the trade-offs between system topology, coverage, costs, timeframe, and scalability, we will provide a custom recommendation for the technology to best suit your needs.

For in-building wireless systems supporting commercial wireless carriers (e.g. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile), Centerline works closely with these carriers during the design and construction project cycle to ensure compliance and project success.

For public safety in-building wireless systems, Centerline determines operating requirements as defined by the local life safety jurisdiction. We also maintain consistent communication with the jurisdiction throughout the project cycle to verify that all requirements are properly met. 


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