Charlie Kennamer, Senior vice President - corporate strategy

Charlie brings nearly two decades of wireless experience to Centerline Solutions, wielding broad knowledge in engineering and project management. He previously worked for wireless operators and suppliers in the United States, Europe and South America and is particularly skilled at bringing together diverse teams to solve engineering or technology-related problems.

Charlie oversees all of Centerline’s engineering, field and professional services teams. That includes new product development to both support Centerline’s service delivery and address wider industry issues, including customer attrition among wireless carriers. In the field, Charlie’s teams develop new infrastructure strategies and upgrade existing sites. In total, he oversees an extensive portfolio of wireless projects, constantly providing innovative thought leadership to develop the best wireless solutions.

Prior to Centerline, Charlie co-founded Symmitry Corp. in Alamo, California. There, he was integral in developing a cutting-edge project management software to improve deployment of wireless networks. Charlie also developed another landmark application that improved customer retention for international wireless carriers, saving these organizations several million dollars a year in customer churn.

Throughout his career, Charlie served in several leadership positions for T-Mobile around the United States from 2003 to 2013. Among other things, he directed a team to develop technologies and products designed to reduce customer turnover. He also gained extensive international experience from working in Peru, Switzerland, and Belgium with Ericsson and Orange Communications among other companies.

Charlie holds a B.S. in civil engineering from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. Now married with three children, in his spare time Charlie enjoys cycling, windsurfing and heading to the slopes to snowboard.