Charlie Augello, vice president - Development Services

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Charlie Augello manages business operations for development services across all markets. He is responsible for staff and contractor management, developing client relationships, budget oversight, and forecasting within the site acquisition and A&E groups. With 20+ years of wireless experience, Charlie knows the industry inside and out and brings an aptitude for proactive management and efficiency to the Centerline team. Since joining Centerline on the cusp of its founding in 2009, he has grown within the organization to successfully lead diverse teams and functions.

Looking for a change in career path, Charlie first jumped into the wireless industry back in 1996. To date he has worked (and lived) in more than 18 states managing site acquisition teams for the major wireless carriers. After building up his experience on the front lines as a Site Acquisition Specialist for Sprint, T-Mobile and Nextel, Charlie moved into managing site development teams. He successfully led teams on key projects including T-Mobile’s Network Modernization Project and Sprint’s Network Vision and 2.5 Projects, both of which vastly improved each carrier’s network quality throughout the greater Denver area. Originally from Elba, New York, Charlie holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Rochester. Outside of the office, he enjoys skydiving, scuba diving, and CrossFit. On the weekends, you can often find him enjoying time on his farm in the Colorado mountains.