BILL O'TOOLE, chief technology officer

Bill joined the Centerline Solutions team in October 2016 and oversees strategic planning and day-to-day management of technology-centered product development, internal software operations, business automation, and all other information technology needs.

Bill came to Centerline as the result of its purchase of Boulder Technology, a software development company he founded to provide enterprise platform technology and custom software development services to businesses across the U.S. As President, Bill was responsible for strategic planning, business development, and internal operations, as well as application design for major software initiatives. Through its consulting and enterprise software offerings, Boulder Technology provided service to a wide range of businesses including Centerline Solutions, for which Boulder developed a sophisticated enterprise platform to manage and automate the company’s burgeoning business.

Before founding Boulder Technology, Bill served as Chief Technologist for TravelCLICK, Inc., a leading provider of reservation processing, data analysis, and digital media services to the worldwide hotel industry. He oversaw system development across all platforms and personally designed a sophisticated enterprise platform to automate TravelCLICK’s data product and media operations. Prior to his time with TravelCLICK, Bill founded, an online retailer of specialty travel offerings, which he sold to TravelCLICK just prior to joining that company.  Bill also co-founded Phoenix International, where he helped the company develop the first bank data processing system to use a client-server architecture and run on a microcomputer network.  At Phoenix International, Bill also oversaw development of one of the industry’s earliest internet banking platforms.

Although Bill has been intimately involved with computers and programming since nearly the dawn of the microcomputer age, he got his professional start in journalism, working as a reporter and freelance writer for a variety of publications and newspapers in the Boston area.